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  • Mood: Nervous
  • Listening to: Nothing.
  • Reading: Biographies I am working on for my O.Cs
  • Watching: Kidbehindacamera/ TheAngryGrandpaShow
  • Playing: I'm drawing my adopts
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Hey y'all! It's DJ again, as most of you guys know, I'm hardly ever active on here anymore. I only come on here to check messages really.
I doubt I'll be active anytime soon. Believe me, I would love to do more digital artwork but... Well for one thing, I just don't have motivation for digital art.
Well, I would love to do more digital art, but I really don't like sitting in front of a computer in the same spot and same position for hours, listening to the same
music over and over again with my, kinda crappy drawing tablet. I mean, I think it works just fine, nothing is wrong with it, but I believe it's time for an upgrade or
some sort, something I can actually draw on without being in front of the computer screen, sitting awkwardly for hours. I need one of those tablets
that actually show what you are doing on the tablet screen yanno what I mean? I dunno.
All I ever do now is traditional art, and I use my Prismacolor markers to do shit now and just post it onto Tumblr, that's really it.

If y'all are interested in seeing some more recent improved art ( and not old crappy art that was from nearly months ago )

Please, do consider following me on my art blog on Tumblr, and if you want, follow my main blog too! Although my art blog could use some more followers l'D



If y'all would like to chat with me, you guys can message me on Tumblr and/or

you can add me on Kik to better communicate!

My Kik Username: DJCrAzYGaL

I wanna try to make some more friends, I only really have like, 3 close pals and one friend that I hardly ever talk to
 I could use some more communication and get to know more people.
Though I will admit, I am rather scared and I fear of some bad shit occurring, but I need to quit letting past issues affect me so much
I just need to get out there yanno? I need to be more social with others, though I lack the confidence.
All I can really say is, I'm not perfect, far from it.
I have my flaws like everyone else, I have said and done some stupid shit in my past that I have grown and learned from
I ain't the nicest person in the universe, I have my moments like everyone else.
I'm not anyone's robot, I'm nobody's servant, and I'm not a therapist.
I like having close bonds with people, close friendships mean so much to me
But I don't like rushing things, I like to take my time so I may get comfortable being myself and shit
 So please don't expect too much of me and please don't rush things, P L E A S E.
I have a couple of people in mind that I wanna get to know that I have had some previous interactions with...
But I just am too introverted to say shit l'D
So if you'd like to give me a chance, holla at me ovo/ Please don't be shy!
I doubt people will add me on Kik I mean who would wanna talk to my stupid terrible ass?
Hope I didn't scare people off like usual

Anyways, yeah, don't think I'm gonna be active here at all anymore. DeviantART has became quite shitty ( to me that is ) and it just holds
a lot of bad memories for me <X3' I'll only really be keeping this account to check my messages. Hell may go back and delete all of my old art, I don't like it
being there. Alrighty y'all, I'm gonna log off, catch ya later nvn

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